Why business cultures matter in M&A integration

How do you bridge business cultures in an M&A integration process? When there are early signs of cultural differences, strong leadership is required to adopt a suitable approach. Dhruv Sarda of Alvarez & Marsal gives some practical examples of how companies with different business cultures get it wrong in merger integration.

Who is responsible for post-merger integration?

Serial acquirers have an advantage. With familiar processes and experienced professionals in place, they can rapidly integrate businesses effectively. However, what about companies that make an acquisition less frequently, like once every few years? Dhruv Sarda of Alvarez & Marsal speaks about how teams should be organised to deliver an M&A integration with a smaller group of project leaders.

Mid-market private equity challenges

The mid-market has become increasingly competitive. New private equity entrants investing some of the $1.2 trillion that the global private equity industry has at its disposal, plus corporates sitting on $1 trillion of cash poses challenges around deal origination and pricing. On this panel, private equity investors 3i, Endless and LDC contrast their views with ITV plc on different approaches to mid-market M&A transactions.

Cash or stock - which M&A currency is most popular in 2015?

Over 3,000 M&A deals paid in cash were seen globally last year according to Mergermarket, a record high. However, shares have become a more attractive currency for M&A this year, shifting the balance back from the prevalence of all-cash deals seen in 2014. Ben Thorpe (Managing Director, Goldman Sachs), Matthew Ponsonby (Head of M&A EMEA, Barclays) and Madelaine McTernan (Head of UK M&A, Credit Suisse) discuss.

Panel: Nordic Debt Finance

Will international debt markets continue to attract sponsors away from local financing options? Is the high yield opportunity in Europe (or US)more compelling than the Nordic bond market? Why aren’t Nordic institutional investors influencing the loan market as much as European institutions are doing outside of the region? Filmed at Mergermarket's Nordic Private Equity Briefing in Stockholm in June 2015, hosted in partnership with White & Case and DNB.

Nordic M&A – what can we expect from the market this Autumn?

Outlook on the competition for assets and expected impact on valuations. What sellers want to hear - are sellers looking for more than a premium valuation when selling to private equity? How are private equity buyers differentiating themselves from other bidders in the current market? With limited auction processes in Sweden, do M&A bankers have their work cut out to originate dealflow? Are co-investment structures becoming more common and what does this mean for rights? IPO as an exit option; outlook for the rest of the year. Filmed at Mergermarket's Nordic Private Equity Briefing in Stockholm in June 2015, hosted in partnership with White & Case and DNB.