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Brazil M&A And Private Equity Forum 2015

24 September 2015 | Tivoli, Sao Paulo

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      Ana Paula  de Castro
      Ana Paula de Castro
      Vice Presidente da Merrill DataSite para a América Latina e Presidente da ACG Brasil (Association for Corporate Growth), Merrill DataSite (Moderadora)
    • 09:15


      Carlos  Mussi
      Carlos Mussi
      Director – Brazil, ECLAC United Nations
    • 09:45

      Brazilian M&A: the road to recovery

      Acquisitions of Brazilian targets in 2014 fell to their lowest level in four years, as the country struggled with a stagnating economy and domestic political concerns. Yet despite this, dealmakers have room for hope: new laws have allowed for increased capital investment in certain sectors, while a weakening currency and growing middle class could fuel cross-border M&A further. Our expert panelists will consider these factors and more as we look at what is defining Brazil’s M&A market. Topics include:

      • How is Brazilian dealmaking responding after a muted last year?
      • What opportunities and challenges does the real’s continuing devaluation offer foreign investors?
      • What will be the impact of recent investment law changes, such as the move to allow foreign capital investments in Brazil-based hospitals?
      • What are investors doing to capitalize on Brazil’s growing middle class population?
      • How is the current low-growth environment in Brazil affecting dealmakers’ attitudes to M&A in the country?
      Carolina  Lacerda
      Carolina Lacerda
      Managing Director, Responsável pelo Banco de Investimentos, UBS Brasil
      José Antônio Miguel  Neto
      José Antônio Miguel Neto
      Sócio Fundador, MNA – Miguel Neto Advogados
      Marco de Carvalho
      Marco de Carvalho
      Head de Banking, Brasil, Head de M&A, América Latina, Barclays
      Rodrigo  Portulan
      Rodrigo Portulan
      Managing Director, Bradesco BBI
      Ana Paula  de Castro
      Ana Paula de Castro
      Vice Presidente da Merrill DataSite para a América Latina e Presidente da ACG Brasil (Association for Corporate Growth), Merrill DataSite (Moderadora)
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      Coffee Break

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      Learning curves: education

      Despite falling overall numbers, education now makes up around a fifth of all Brazilian M&A activity, compared with more than one-seventh in 2014. In part, this has been pushed due to new regulations and subsidies revolving around secondary education. But what else is driving this focus, and what can dealmakers learn about learning? With this in mind, our panelists will discuss:

      • What do changes in the regulatory space and subsidy policy mean in practice for the Brazilian education sector?
      • What players are showing interest in the sector?
      • What areas of education are seeing an increase in demand for services, and who from?
      • What is the outlook for education dealmaking in the coming year?
      • What does the government resuming the Fies loan program mean for Brazil’s education companies?
      Newton Maia  Alves
      Newton Maia Alves
      Diretor, Advent International
      Rodrigo  de Macedo Alves
      Rodrigo de Macedo Alves
      Diretor de Relações com Investidores, Ser Educacional
      Samuel Augusto de Oliveira
      Samuel Augusto de Oliveira
      Sócio, Banco Indusval & Partners
      Thiago  Barrozo
      Thiago Barrozo
      Latin America Editor, Mergermarket (moderador)
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    • 01:30

      Need to know: doing business in Brazil

      Investment opportunities are ripe in Brazil. Yet the world’s seventh largest economy has several nuances - from the preponderance of family businesses to the country’s bureaucracy – that dealmakers need to understand before doing business in Brazil. Considering this, our expert panel will look at several factors, including:

      • How is dealing with family businesses in Brazil different to other businesses?
      • After enacting tax reform last year, what other reforms could be on the horizon?
      • How have falling commodity prices affected businesses in the country?
      • How are the issues surrounding Petrobras impacting the Brazilian economy?
      • With Rousseff’s re-election, what can the business community expect from the current government?
      André  Pimentel
      André Pimentel
      Sócio e CEO, Performa Partners
      Marcelo Eduardo Sant’Anna  Cosentino
      Marcelo Eduardo Sant’Anna Cosentino
      Chief International Sales and Relationship Officer, TOTVS
      Francisco Carlos  Barbosa Dos Santos
      Francisco Carlos Barbosa Dos Santos
      Professor de Economia e Finança, Fipe (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas) (moderador)
    • 02:30

      Brazilian private equity: staying strong

      In contrast to overall M&A performance, private equity firms maintained their hunger for buyouts through 2014. This comes at a time when fundraising has reached record levels in Latin America. As we go through 2015, PE houses are looking to opportunities in several strategic sectors. But what are the opportunities and how can they be capitalized on? Against this backdrop, our panelists will consider:

      • How is PE acting in the face of Brazil’s increasing demand for electricity?
      • What opportunities have presented themselves to PE firms post-Petrobras?
      • What role is PE playing in Brazilian infrastructure?
      • What does the increasing presence of international GPs say about Brazil’s PE market?
      • How have current market conditions affected PE fundraising for Brazil?
      Eduardo  Samara
      Eduardo Samara
      Diretor, General Atlantic
      Fernando  Borges
      Fernando Borges
      Managing Director and South America Co-Head, Carlyle
      Fernando Marques  Oliveira
      Fernando Marques Oliveira
      Presidente da H.I.G. Brasil e da H.I.G. América Latina, H.I.G. Capital
      Ricardo  Scavazza
      Ricardo Scavazza
      Partner, Pátria Investimentos
      Thiago  Barrozo
      Thiago Barrozo
      Latin America Editor, Mergermarket (moderador)
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      Coffee break

    • 03:45

      Technology in Brazil: taking off

      The tech sector in Brazil defied the odds in 2014, seeing M&A numbers shoot up as overall dealmaking in the country declined. But what has driven this surge, and is this the start of a long-term increase in Brazilian technology dealmaking? Regarding this, our panelists will discuss:

      • How did Brazilian tech M&A buck the trend in 2014?
      • What is the fundraising landscape like for Brazilian startups?
      • What is attracting companies such as IBM to Brazilian IT services?
      • How can companies capitalize on Brazil’s booming e-commerce market?
      • How can the country fill the talent gap in tech?
      Andre Cazzaniga  Maciel
      Andre Cazzaniga Maciel
      Head of Latin America TMT and Infrastructure IB, J.P. Morgan
      André Guimarães  Frederico
      André Guimarães Frederico
      Diretor de M&A, Estratégia e Marketing, TIVIT
      Eduardo  Marini
      Eduardo Marini
      Vice-Presidente e Chief Financial Officer, Aceco TI
      Max  Gonzales
      Max Gonzales
      Correspondente, Mergermarket (moderador)
    • 04:45

      Cocktail reception

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