Day Two: 27 September 2017

    • 09:00


    • 09:30

      Chair’s welcoming remarks

      Ronald Given
      Ronald Given
      Co-Managing Partner , Wolf Theiss
    • 09:40

      Keynote presentation: What are the current macroeconomic trends and developments in the CEE region?

    • 10:00

      Dealmaker’s outlook panel: Inbound Investors – what opportunities is attracting them into the area?

      • Outlook of deal activity in the CEE region and beyond with a focus on emerging markets, inbound and cross-border deals.
      • Who are the main inbound investors into the region and what are their long-term goals?
      • How are they sourcing their deals and what successes have they had?
      • How have they adapted their investment models to suit these markets?
      • What are local expectations for them for the future?
      Artur Tomala
      Artur Tomala
      Managing Director, Head of Warsaw , Goldman Sachs
      Dorian Macovei
      Dorian Macovei
      Managing Director , EMSA Capital
      Robert Chmelař
      Robert Chmelař
      Investment Partner , Rockaway Capital
    • 10:40

      On-Stage Interview: Chinese acquirers

      Could China boost CEE’s activity and what impact will the new government policy have on investments?

    • 11:00

      Networking Coffee

    • 11:30

      Panel: Fintech Investments

      • Will CEE be the next breeding ground for tech start-ups?
      • Which other sectors are becoming more of an appeal for investors?
      • Value creation and growth strategies of investors in the region
      • Digitalisation - Perspectives on how to get the digital advantage
    • 12:10

      Panel: Private Debt Market

      • In regards to capital structures for mid-market – how are debt funds being used as an alternative to minority PE?
      • How can the Italian market be attractive for foreign investors in terms of expected returns?
      Krzysztof Konopiński
      Krzysztof Konopiński
      Partner , MCI Capital / Private Equity Managers
    • 12:50

      Fireside Chat: Divestments and Carve-outs success stories

      • How do you get a business fit for a divestment?
      • What is needed for a Carve-out target to be fit for transaction?
      • Carve-out issues to be considered when drafting the sale and purchase agreement
      • Has there been a boom in corporate carve-outs and what market dynamics are driving it?
      • Why should any company consider a carve-out – what are the motivations for even starting to think about carving out with a view to divestment via sale or spin-off?
      • What to think about before starting a carve-out - what can make or break a successful process?
    • 13:10

      Meet the acquirers: Consumer

      A M&A Director discusses negotiating a transaction, growth and divesture strategies as well as the key milestones and navigating through an increasingly complex M&A environment.

    • 13:30

      Networking Lunch

    • 14:30

      Panel: Post-Merger integration issues and strategies corporates can use to succeed

      • Can you retain everything that is positive about a company’s culture and integrate the business?
      • How are new company(s) structured and valued?
      • Are both of the merged companies adhering to the same corporate strategy?
      • What are the implications for human capital management and due diligence?
    • 15:10

      Meet the acquirers – TMT

      M&A plans of active companies and funds in the TMT sector - what are the challenges and opportunities in the CEE region?

    • 15:30

      Panel: Economic Fortunes – Romania

      • Why has there been an increase in deal activity in Romania and what are the hot sectors?
      • How intensively are Chinese and Asian strategic investors looking at Romanian investments?
      • Is there a valuation gap between sellers and buyers?
      • Do you expect Brexit to impact M&A sentiment in Romania?
    • 16:10

      Chair’s closing remarks and networking drinks