European Corporate Development Summit 2017


    • 08:30


    • 09:00

      Chair’s welcoming remarks

      Catherine Ford
      Catherine Ford
      Editor-at-Large , Mergermarket Group
    • 09:10

      Meet the audience: 30 minute speed dating / networking opportunity

    • 09:40

      Keynote Presentation: Global current affairs

    • 10:10

      Panel: Global M&A outlook – How is Europe facing up against the US and Asia?

      • This panel will discuss the M&A trends and drivers for the next 6-12 months and what it will take to be successful in the volatile environment?
      • How do the US and Asian markets differ to the European markets?
      • What are the deal drivers for the M&A and IPO markets in second half of 2017?
      • What are the challenges investors, acquirers and advisors face and how do you mitigate them?
    • 10:50

      Keynote Presentation: Is your next acquisition a tech company?

      • Exploring the trend of digitalisation in the economy and how companies in traditional industries are adapting to stay relevant.   
    • 11:20

      Morning networking break

    • 11:50

      Presentation and Live Polling: Attractive M&A Targets - what do buyers look for?

      • Can an analysis of financial measures, such as growth, size, profitability, leverage, liquidity and valuation provide insights into which companies are likely to become acquisition targets?
      • How do these measures differ for private vs. public targets?
      • And what is the relative importance of these measures in predicting the probability of a company becoming an acquisition target?

      This presentation, based on a 23-year study of 34,000 firms and 14,000 deals by Cass Business School and Intralinks, seeks to answer these questions, revealing how the financial characteristics of companies correlate with M&A activity in often unexpected ways.

      Philip Whitchelo
      Philip Whitchelo
      Vice President for Strategy & Product Marketing , Intralinks
    • 12:10

      On-Stage Q&A: Divestments/Carve-outs

      • How do you get a business fit for a divestment?
      • Has there been a boom in corporate carve-outs and what market dynamics are driving it?
      • Why should any company consider a carve-out – what are the motivations for even starting to think about carving out with a view to divestment via sale or spin-off?
      • What to think about before starting a carve-out - what can make or break a successful process
      • Are more spin-offs on the horizon?
      • Divestment success stories and lessons learned
    • 12:40

      Presentation: Deal terms

      • CMS will highlight the key developments within sale and purchase agreements from the past 12 months, trends in deal structures and how deal terms compare between different European regions and the USA.
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    • 14:10

      Panel: Deal craft in today’s M&A market

      • We consider how acquirers compete and win for deals in the current market environment. In the face of global buyers, sophisticated advisors and a wall of money on corporate balance sheets and in private equity offers, are companies having to adapt strategies to win the deal at the right price.
      • What processes do firms follow and how are firms internally structured to find the right target?
      • Is exclusivity a thing of the past?
      • How to choose an advisor and common mistakes made - is that advisor really best choice for that particular deal?
      • During an auction process – what do firms do in order to differentiate themselves in order to win the deal?
      Liana Logiurato
      Liana Logiurato
      Global Head of M&A , Syngenta International AG
      Tom Betts
      Tom Betts
      Director of Corporate Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions , ITV plc
    • 14:50

      Panel: Strategies for dealing with risks in the deal execution phase

      • How can buyers seek to understand, price and mitigate less familiar risks?
      • Techniques for sell-side and buy-side due diligence processes to maximise value
      • The future of insurance in deal processes
    • 15:20

      Afternoon networking break

    • 15:30

      Panel: Active shareholders – Constructive involvement or hostile activism

      • Examining the recent trend of activists acting as private equity and private equity becoming more like activists
      • There is a growing trend of shareholder activism - Why is this likely to continue?
      • How should you prepare for an activist campaign?
      • What makes an activist consider a particular target?
      • What are the processes/tactics activists use and how do they prepare a campaign?
      Lucinda Guthrie
      Lucinda Guthrie
      Deputy Global Editor , Dealreporter
    • 16:00

      Presentation: Flight risk in M&A - The art and science of retaining talent - Mercer’s 2017 Report

      • Mercer uncovered an overwhelming marketplace demand for benchmark data on retention programs and how they drive deal value in last year’s research report on People Risks in M&A Transactions.
      • As a result, Mercer launched a global research effort to learn more about how retention incentives and transaction bonuses are used to retain key talent after a deal — a critical component in protecting the value of most transactions.
      Adam Rosenberg
      Adam Rosenberg
      Partner and M&A Leader for Europe , Mercer
    • 16:10

      Panel: Post-Merger integration issues and strategies corporates can use to succeed

      • Can you retain everything that is positive about a company’s culture and integrate the business
      • How are new company(s) structured and valued?
      • Are both of the merged companies adhering to the same corporate strategy?
      • What are the implications for human capital management and due diligence?
    • 16:50

      Chair’s closing remarks & networking drinks

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