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Jumeirah Emirates Towers
09 April 2018
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    • 09:00

      Registration & Coffee

    • 09:30

      Keynote Address

    • 09:50

      Panel: Deal Drivers and Inbound M&A

      Following a trend of strong M&A activity in the Middle East and continued government-driven consolidation in banking and construction sectors, especially in Abu Dhabi, this panel will highlight the key growth drivers in the region. Panellists will also look at inbound investment, where is it coming from? What role are family businesses playing in terms of M&A activity? What compliance issues should investors be aware of when structuring a deal? Due-diligence access to do deals in the region.

      Tony  Hchaime
      Tony Hchaime
      Head of M&A and ECM, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
    • 10:30

      Panel: Regional Private Equity Outlook

      A panel of regional funds discuss the appetite for private equity from a local perspective and discuss current regional specific mega trends in the market for UAE based funds. Valuation issues between buyer and seller expectations affecting deals and lack of acquisition financing.

    • 11:10

      Networking Coffee

    • 11:40

      Case Study

      Insight into a recent private equity or M&A deal.

    • 12:00

      Presentation: Abandoned Acquisitions – why do some deals fail to complete?

      • Why are some deals more likely than others to fail?
      • What factors are significant predictors of deal failure?
      • What can acquirers and targets do to increase the likelihood of successful deal completion?

      This presentation, based on a 25-year study of over 78,500 worldwide M&A transactions by the M&A Research Centre at London’s Cass Business School and Intralinks, seeks to answer these questions, providing insights, advice and sometimes counterintuitive conclusions.

      Philip Whitchelo
      Philip Whitchelo
      Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Intralinks
    • 12:20

      Panel: International Private Equity Players in the Middle East

      With the competition for sourcing deals in Asia and Europe being very tight; more international funds are showing an interest in the region looking for new opportunities in the UAE. Is the Middle East the new playground for foreign private equity houses? What is the difference between doing deals in Europe and the Middle East as the European structure doesn’t fit the mould of how deals are transacted in the region. Why are they looking in the market and what are they looking for?

      Mahmoud  Atalla
      Mahmoud Atalla
      Managing Director, Gulf Capital
    • 13:00

      Networking lunch

    • 14:00

      Middle East investor appetite in Africa

      This session will explore the opportunity for UAE as an investment hub for Africa operations. Is Dubai the gateway to investment in Sub-Saharan Africa? This session will look at recent cross border activity from the Middle East to Africa.

    • 14:30

      New Financing Opportunities

      With rising oil prices sucking up liquidity in the market, what financing opportunities are available? Panellists will discuss acquisition financing to financial sponsors. How does debt play for private equity in today’s market? Seeing more mezzanine transactions to finance investments. Which sectors are struggling to get financing and why?

      Arijit  Nandi
      Arijit Nandi
      Head of Investment Banking, The National Investor
      • Stream A: Middle East Digitization

      • 15:00

        Sector Focus: Fintech - is Private Equity knocking?

        FinTech investment in the Middle East is finally gaining momentum and is expected to accelerate in the next year. This session will look at Dubai as a blockchain/tech hub. Panellists will draw on the connections between Dubai & Silicon Valley. What does fintech have to offer private equity in terms of profitability and why should funds pay attention? Business models for private equity investment in fintech.

      • 15:30

        Value creation through digitization

        The Middle East today is a fast-growing region with a tremendous potential to be a key part of a technology based global future. The UAE has already embarked on steps and initiatives towards becoming a fully technology enabled region with Dubai’s target to become an all Blockchain powered digital government by 2020. How can businesses create more value through an increased technology enablement? Which sectors benefit most from digital transformation?

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