Coverage on the Fund Selection Process, Policy Environment, Fundraising Strategies & More

Andaz 5th Avenue
January 25, 2018
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      Welcome Remarks

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      Opening Keynote

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      ESG in Fund Selection, Disclosure and Monitoring – The LP Perspective

      Listen to a panel of leading LPs as they debate and discuss the most important issues impacting their fund manager selection process. Panelists will examine how the fund manager selection process is entwined with ESG and responsible investing mandates, investment strategies and development of standards and toolkit evaluation methods.

      This LP panel will address the following questions: 

      • What types of private market investment strategies, asset classes, ESG themes and disclosures are in demand by asset owners? 
      • How are LPs engaging with GPs on ESG disclosure across the investment lifecycle? 
      • How does ESG integration in private markets differs from public company investing? 
      • How are LPs incorporating climate change and social themes (health, safety, labor rights, etc.) into their fund manager selection? 
      • What type of data is being collected on ESG-related outcomes of private companies and infrastructure projects?
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      Coffee Networking Break

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      Global Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Development

      A panel of experts will discuss how the global policy environment is driving ESG integration into project finance and private equity investing. Panelists will specifically examine the increasing appetite for strategies modeled around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other initiatives, such the Paris Agreement and America's Pledge.

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    • 01:00

      Fireside Chat: How Union Pensions Incorporate ESG & Labor Themes into Investment Strategy

    • 01:30

      Incorporating ESG into Effective Fundraising Strategies

      Hear from top fund managers, who recently raised new funds, discuss how they received capital commitments from LPs by incorporating ESG into funds' private placement marketing. Learn how fund managers are moving the ESG discussion from risk management to value creation and successfully integrating ESG into their investment strategies. Our fund manager panelists will cover a variety of private market strategies including private equity, infrastructure, real assets and private debt. 

      Fund manager panelists will cover a variety of questions including:

      • What type of ESG themes is resonating with LPs in today’s fundraising environment?
      • How are investors implementing ESG across the supply chain to manage investment risks?
      • How are investors working with project developers around environmental protection, safety and governance issues?
      • How are fund managers reporting ESG criteria to LPs throughout the investment lifecycle?
    • 02:15

      Live Fund Manager Interview: Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

      A live consultant Q&A session will focus on how KKR is integrating ESG into their investment process, whether they place greater emphasis on the E, S or G, how different approaches to implementation apply in different geographies and whether ESG is a long-term influence on investor behavior.

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      Coffee Networking Break

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      Creating an ESG Investor Toolkit With Metrics, Standards & Policies

      Questionnaires, standards and initiatives are becoming more common in investors' toolkits of simplifying ESG reporting and disclosure between them and GPs. Delegates will have an opportunity to hear from the experts who are at the forefront of developing disclosure tools for ESG market integration.

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      Networking Reception

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      Conclusion of Forum