Italian M&A and Private Equity Forum 2017

19 October 2017, principe di savoia, Milan

    • 08:30

      Registration & Coffee

    • 09:00

      Chair's welcome remarks

    • 09:05

      Keynote Address

      Maurizio Bernardo
      Maurizio Bernardo
      Chairman , Ministry of Economy finance committee and first signatory of the law on Milan
    • 09:20

      Panel Discussion: Cross-border M&A deals and trends

      • What makes Italian companies attractive to foreign bidders?
      • Where is the investment coming from and where will it be coming from in the future?
      • Will the new political situation in the US effect investment?
      • Is the trend of mega deals set to continue?
      • What types of obstacles and risks to entry exist in Italy?
      • Capital control restrictions and protectionism
      • Evaluating why some M&A deals don’t go through to completion?
      Marianna  Vintadis
      Marianna Vintadis
      Country Manager , Kroll
    • 10:05

      Fireside chat: M&A in the sport industry

      Updates and experiences on investment in sport, distribution and TV rights, and a look at the jumbo deals in the sector

    • 10:30

      Networking Coffee Break

    • 11:00

      Panel Discussion – IPO Market analysis

      • Will we see an increase of IPO’s in the future? Will it become a trend in Italy
      • Opportunities in the Italian IPO market – an in depth look at fashion, retail and luxury sector
      • Examining a successful IPO and the strategies used
      • How to be ringfence liabilities that arise and prepare for regulatory scrutiny
      Vincenzo  Aliotta
      Vincenzo Aliotta
      Financial Lines Specialty Director , AON
      Eugenio Morpurgo
      Eugenio Morpurgo
      Chief Executive Officer and founding partner , Fineurop Soditic
      Massimiliano Bellingheri
      Massimiliano Bellingheri
      CEO , Banca Farmafactoring
    • 11:45

      Presentation: Attractive M&A Targets - what do buyers look for?

    • 12:05

      Networking coffee break

    • 12:30

      Sector Focus: Fintech Investments

      • What are the key drivers and risks for Fintech in Italy?
      • What are the new investment opportunities on the horizon?
      • How will regulatory developments affect deals and investment in this space?
      • How profitable can these investments at exit?
      • VC backed Fintech investment- Can the VC market kick start the industry?
      Andrea Di Camillo
      Andrea Di Camillo
      Founding Partner , P101 Ventures
      Alberto Dalmasso
      Alberto Dalmasso
      CEO , Satispay
      Ignazio  Rocco di Torrepadula
      Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula
      Founder and CEO , Credimi
    • 13:05

      Spotlight Session

      • CDP’s mission as equity investor
      • Equity portfolio highlights 
      • Focus on CDP’s new Strategic Plan
      • Venture Capital and private equity initiatives: major figures and flagship programs
      Leone Pattofatto
      Leone Pattofatto
      Head of Private Equity , CDP
    • 13:15

      Panel Discussion: Private equity

      • Valuations - What types of multiples will be seen in private equity because of Brexit?
      • How can local GP’s compete?
      • Sector focus: How to develop and survive in the chemical sectors?
      • LP’s as co-investor and direct investors- What will be the implications be and how will we see PE market evolving in the future?
      • The changing PE market: Changing needs and lack of regulation, how is the private equity industry adapting to the upcoming challenges?
      • To what extent does exposing a family office to private equity increase competitiveness?
      Fabio  Sattin
      Fabio Sattin
      Chairman & Founder , Private Equity Partners SGR Spa
      Edoardo Lanzavecchia
      Edoardo Lanzavecchia
      Managing Partner , Alpha Associati
    • 14:00

      Closing Remarks

    • 14:05

      Networking Lunch