10th Annual Italian M&A and Private Equity Forum 2017

19 October 2017, principe di savoia, Milan

    • 08:15

      Registration & Coffee

    • 09:00

      Chair's welcome remarks

      Giovanni Amodeo
      Giovanni Amodeo
      Global Head of Editorial Analytics and Global Head of Research, Acuris
    • 09:05

      Keynote Address

      Maurizio Bernardo
      Maurizio Bernardo
      Chairman - the finance committee, Ministry of Economy
    • 09:20

      Panel Discussion: Cross-border M&A deals and trends

      • Inbound M&A activity from foreign investors: What makes Italian companies attractive? Where will it be coming from in the future? What types of obstacles and risks to entry exist in Italy?
      • Will the new political situation in the US effect investment?
      • Is the trend of mega deals set to continue?
      • Capital control restrictions and protectionism
      • Outbound M&A activity from Italian mid market corporates
      Marianna  Vintadis
      Marianna Vintadis
      Head of Southern Europe, Kroll
      André  Pichler
      André Pichler
      Co-Head, Corporate Finance, Italy and Managing Director, Leonardo & Co. in Association with Houlihan Lokey Milan
      Giovanni Ronca
      Giovanni Ronca
      Co-Head Italy, UniCredit
      Tommaso  Paoli
      Tommaso Paoli
      CEO, Nuo Capital
      Sandra Mori
      Sandra Mori
      GC - Europe, Coca-Cola
      Miguel  Angel Hernandez
      Miguel Angel Hernandez
      Transaction Risk Insurance Senior Underwriter, Tokio Marine HCC
      Massimo Benedetti
      Massimo Benedetti
      Deals Leader , PwC
    • 10:05

      Fireside Chat: M&A in Sport

      Marco Fassone
      Marco Fassone
      CEO and Managing Director , AC Milan
      Alessandro  Franzosi
      Alessandro Franzosi
      Head of Corporate Finance and Business Development, Fininvest
      Luca  Fossati
      Luca Fossati
      Partner, Chiomenti
    • 10:35

      Networking coffee break

    • 11:00

      Panel Discussion – IPO Market analysis

      • Will we see an increase of IPO’s in the future? Will it become a trend in Italy
      • Opportunities in the Italian IPO market – an in depth look at fashion, retail and luxury sector
      • Examining a successful IPO and the strategies used
      • How to be ringfence liabilities that arise and prepare for regulatory scrutiny
      Vincenzo  Aliotta
      Vincenzo Aliotta
      Financial Lines Specialty Director, AON
      Eugenio Morpurgo
      Eugenio Morpurgo
      Chief Executive Officer and founding partner, Fineurop Soditic
      Massimiliano Bellingheri
      Massimiliano Bellingheri
      CEO, Banca Farmafactoring
      Nicola Anzivino
      Nicola Anzivino
      Partner , PwC
      Valeria Leone
      Valeria Leone
      Director of Investor Relations , Pirelli
      Giulia Lasagni
      Giulia Lasagni
      Reporter, Acuris
    • 11:45

      Presentation: Abandoned Acquisitions – Why Do Some Deals Fail?

      • Why are some deals more likely than others to fail, and what factors are significantly predictive of deal failure?
      • Do advisers help deals across the line, or increase the probability of deals being abandoned?
      • What can acquirers and targets do to increase the chances of successful deal completion?

      This presentation, based on a 25-year study of over 78,500 worldwide M&A transactions by the M&A Research Centre at London’s Cass Business School and Intralinks, seeks to answer these questions, providing provocative insights and sometimes counterintuitive conclusions.

      Philip Whitchelo
      Philip Whitchelo
      Vice President for Strategy & Product Marketing, Intralinks
    • 12:05

      Networking coffee break

    • 12:30

      Sector Focus: FinTech Investments

      • What are the key drivers and risks for Fintech in Italy?
      • What are the new investment opportunities on the horizon?
      • How will regulatory developments affect deals and investment in this space?
      • How profitable can these investments at exit?
      • VC backed Fintech investment- Can the VC market kick start the industry?
      Andrea Di Camillo
      Andrea Di Camillo
      Founding Partner, P101 Ventures
      Alberto Dalmasso
      Alberto Dalmasso
      CEO, Satispay
      Ignazio  Rocco di Torrepadula
      Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula
      Founder and CEO, Credimi
      Massimiliano  La Greca
      Massimiliano La Greca
      Head of Elite Club Deal, London Stock Exchange
      Matteo  Tarroni
      Matteo Tarroni
      Co-Founder & CEO, Workinvoice
      Alessandro  Portolano
      Alessandro Portolano
      Partner, Chiomenti
    • 13:05

      Spotlight Session

      • CDP’s mission as equity investor
      • Equity portfolio highlights 
      • Focus on CDP’s new Strategic Plan
      • Venture Capital and private equity initiatives: major figures and flagship programs
      Leone Pattofatto
      Leone Pattofatto
      Chief Strategic Equity Officer, CDP
    • 13:15

      Panel Discussion: Private equity

      • Valuations - What types of multiples will be seen in private equity because of Brexit?
      • How can local GP’s compete?
      • LP’s as co-investor and direct investors- What will be the implications be and how will we see PE market evolving in the future?
      • The changing PE market: Changing needs and lack of regulation, how is the private equity industry adapting to the upcoming challenges?
      • To what extent does exposing a family office to private equity increase competitiveness?
      Fabio  Sattin
      Fabio Sattin
      Chairman & Founder, Private Equity Partners SGR Spa
      Edoardo Lanzavecchia
      Edoardo Lanzavecchia
      Managing Partner, Alpha Associati
      Giovanni Calia
      Giovanni Calia
      Managing Director, goetzpartners
      Lorenzo  Stanca
      Lorenzo Stanca
      Partner, Mandarin Capital
      Raffaele Legnani
      Raffaele Legnani
      Managing Director, HIG Capital
      Giorgio De Palma
      Giorgio De Palma
      Senior Managing Director, CVC Capital Partners
      Luigi  Vaccaro
      Luigi Vaccaro
      Partner, Chiomenti
    • 14:00

      Closing Remarks

      Giovanni Amodeo
      Giovanni Amodeo
      Global Head of Editorial Analytics and Global Head of Research, Acuris
    • 14:05

      Networking Lunch