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      Chair’s welcome

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      Keynote Address

      Economic and M&A outlook

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      Panel discussion - A global force: Japanese cross-border M&A trends

      Japanese cross-border M&A: Going global in 2018

      Corporate Japan’s overseas expansion agenda continues unabated. Yet, increasingly, it is becoming clear that being a global enterprise entails more than just having global operations. This panel will discuss recent deal drivers and the outlook for Japanese cross-border M&A, as well as the changing mentality sweeping boardrooms at Japan’s most successful international corporations.

      • What are the top M&A deal drivers and target geographies for corporate Japan?
      • How are corporate governance reforms contributing to the current cross-border buying trend?
      • How can Japanese corporations become global brands, not just global companies?
      • Will the regulatory climate remain favorable to international M&A?
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      Networking coffee

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      Panel discussion - Investing in India: Beyond bullet trains

      Investing in India: Beyond bullet trains

      Japan is betting big on India’s growth story, led most recently by the multi-billion dollar Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail link and other mega projects. Significant other opportunities can be found outside the infrastructure space, and this panel will explore the sectors and states with the highest M&A potential, as well as the steps and strategies Japanese corporations must take to yield the most from their India investments.

      • Which sectors, both inside and outside the Indian infrastructure space, are ripe for M&A, and which are most challenging?
      • How does the dealmaking process in India differ from other Asian countries and how can Japanese investors increase their odds of a successful transaction?
      • What makes India an attractive market for M&A compared to other high-growth, regional markets such as China or those in the ASEAN?
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      Networking lunch

    • 13:30

      Panel discussion - Post-merger integration: A discussion on best practices

      Post-merger integration: Case studies and tales from the frontline

      A significant amount of value continues to be lost once M&A deals close for Japanese corporations buying abroad. This panel will answer key questions concerning the post-deal process and analyze several case studies where deals succeeded in yielding their intended value by preserving the target’s talent, brand and corporate culture.

    • 14:30

      Panel discussion - Digital transformation: Taking the leap

      Digital transformation: Taking the leap

      The world’s most innovative companies are going digital. Is corporate Japan keeping up? This panel will discuss how corporations can transition from traditional to digital enterprises, using M&A and other innovative methods, as well the latest technologies that are driving the future.

      • Is Japan keeping pace with regional and international rival firms in the tech M&A space?
      • How can AI, big data and other advances put Japanese companies back on the cutting edge as leaders in their industries?
      • Is M&A, organic growth, or a combination of the two the best course to take in executing a digital transformation strategy?
      • How can Japanese corporations create a digital culture within their organizations?
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      Networking coffee

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      Panel discussion - Private equity in Japan

      Private equity: Deal or no deal

      With Bain Capital’s victory in securing Toshiba’s prized memory chip business, the doors to Japan may finally be opening for foreign private equity firms. This panel will discuss the playbook being used by the most active foreign PE firms to successfully navigate the Japan market as resistance to foreign buyout groups begins to thaw.

      • How is the image of the foreign PE firm changing and what can PE buyers do to add credibility as prospective acquirers?
      • Mega deal or mid-market: Where are the deals and how does the deal process vary between deal sizes?
      • What obstacles still exist that could prevent foreign PE firms from closing more deals in 2018 and beyond?
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      Closing speech

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      Networking cocktail reception

*Agenda and speakers are subject to change

*Simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese will be provided