Nordic M&A and Private Equity Forum


Setting the agenda for cross-border Acquisitions & financing for Nordic companies

15 March 2018
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    • 08:00

      Registration and Coffee

    • 09:00

      Chair's Welcome Remarks

    • 09:10

      Keynote Address

    • 09:40

      In conversation with deal leaders

      Deal leaders share their insight about emerging opportunities, trends and activity in the Nordic market.

      • Dealmakers' view on the macro environment?
      • What are the drivers for the rest of the year and outlook of deal flow 2018?
      • How to stay competitive in the market?
      • Why your next deal should be in the tech sector?
      • How has the emergence of PE changed the M&A landscape?
      Per  Franzén
      Per Franzén
      Partner and Head of Equity, EQT
      Jan Johan Jkuhl
      Jan Johan Jkuhl
      Managing Partner , Polaris
      Johan Englund
      Johan Englund
      Investment Manager - Technology, Industrifonden
    • 10:20

      Onstage interview: Acquiring 100 companies

      This interview examines the experiences of a corporate having owners which support an active acquisition strategy as well as different “partial” exits.

      Mikael  Männik
      Mikael Männik
      Director, M&A and Investor Relations, Visma AS
      Auri Aittokallio
      Auri Aittokallio
      Nordics Reporter, Mergermarket
    • 10:50

      Networking Coffee Break

    • 11:20

      Presentation: Abandoned Acquisitions – why do some deals fail to complete?

      • Why are some deals more likely than others to fail?
      • What factors are significant predictors of deal failure?
      • What can acquirers and targets do to increase the likelihood of successful deal completion?

      This presentation, based on a 25-year study of over 78,500 worldwide M&A transactions by the M&A Research Centre at London’s Cass Business School and Intralinks, seeks to answer these questions, providing insights, advice and sometimes counterintuitive conclusions.

      Philip Whitchelo
      Philip Whitchelo
      Vice President for Strategy & Product Marketing, Intralinks
    • 11:45

      Strategies to Capture the Tech Opportunity

      • Microsoft Acquisition Process and a broader M&A ecosystem
      • Core Accountabilities of the Venture Integration Team
      • Building the Integration Framework
      • Toolset to enable and enhance M&A Practice
      Benjamin  Roszczewski
      Benjamin Roszczewski
      Senior Manager - M&A, Micorsoft
    • 12:15

      Fireside Chat

    • 12:45

      Networking Lunch

      • Corporate Stream

      • 14:00

        Keynote Presentation: Transactional market trends and outlook

        Johan Rosenberg
        Johan Rosenberg
        Head of Corporate Finance, PwC
      • 14:20

        Deal transactions with digital disruptors

        This panels discussion will examine acquisitions of companies in with new technology. How do you structure deals in this sector? What’s different, what to consider? And what to include in your business model?

        Sebastian  Inger
        Sebastian Inger
        VP , Investcorp
        Bjarne Lie
        Bjarne Lie
        Managing Partner, Verdane Capital
      • 14:45

        On stage interview: A different type of deal

        We examine the acquisition of Etera Mutual by Ilmarinen Mutual

        • Examining the M&A experiences of a mutual organisation
        • Differences and similarity to standard transaction
        • How to increase shareholder value for both parties
        • Understanding the drivers behind the process
        Stefan Björkman
        Stefan Björkman
        Managing Director , Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company
        Auri Aittokallio
        Auri Aittokallio
        Nordics Reporter, Mergermarket
      • 15:20

        Networking Coffee Break

      • 16:00

        Beyond the transaction…

        • Key success factors for mergers
        • Integration issues that will arise and transformations gone wrong
        • Expectations vs reality
        • Structuring and valuing a new company
        Reynir Indahl
        Reynir Indahl
        Managing Partner, Summa Equity
      • 16:40

        Technical Carveouts and understand the key factors for success

        • Will we see this trend continuing in this region and impact on the industry?
        • Top tips and understanding different methods to carve-out success
        • What is valuable and how much will it create
        • Surprises in the process
        • Cross-border spin outs
      • 17:20

        Chair’s Closing Remarks

      • Private Equity Stream

      • 14:00

        Private Equity: Valuations

        • Will the spinoffs prevail in 2018?
        • Valuations in the tech sector: Do they need revising? Should we separate pure tech from tech enabled services?
        • Analysis of asset classes and where to deploy dry powder
      • 14:45

        How AI and deep analytics is shaping M&A due diligence and valuations

        • Analysing the risks mitigated
        • What is the value added and ROI?
        • Understanding the areas analysed by cognitive systems and which aren’t included
        • Changing roles of workforce
        • Benefits pre-transaction and post transaction
        • International uses
      • 15:20

        Networking Coffee Break

      • 16:00

        Behind the scenes of an IPO transaction

        • Why are people listing on the local market?
        • Examining performances after listings
        • Smaller and mid cap experiences of floating – why are they doing it?
        • Why is there an appetite for IPO? What will the long-term impacts be?
        • The role of cornerstone investors
        Yrjö  Närhinen
        Yrjö Närhinen
        CEO, Terveystalo
      • 16:40

        Sector analysis: Fintech

        Speakers will share their experience in the Fintech space. The panellists will discuss regulations, risks, bank systems and innovations

      • 17:20

        Chair’s Closing Remarks

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