• 08:45

      Registration and Coffee

    • 09:15

      Welcoming remarks

      Javier Villasante
      Javier Villasante
      Partner , Cuatrecasas
    • 09:25

      Keynote opening address

      • Prospects for the Spanish economy and macro-economic outlook
      • Upcoming challenges for Spain and the EU economies: Brexit, US elections
      Irene  Garrido Valenzuela
      Irene Garrido Valenzuela
      Secretaria de Estado de Economía y Apoyo a la Empresa
    • 09:45

      Panel: The evolution of M&A over the past 10 years and the future outlook for business in Spain

      • What has contributed to the success and challenges over 10 years of the M&A world
      • M&A future deal outlook
      • Are international players looking to investment in Spain’s market- will be see an increase and why?
      • What are the drivers of the deals in the M&A market?
      • Spain as a platform for international interest
      • IPOs in Spain: success case
      Federico Roig
      Federico Roig
      Partner , Cuatrecasas
      Alejandra Moore Mayorga
      Alejandra Moore Mayorga
      Managing Director and Founder , Grupo Albión
    • 10:30

      Networking Coffee Break

    • 11:00

      International cross-border M&A: investment opportunities in EMEA and other jurisdictions

      • Examples of successful Spanish outbound M&A- what obstacles were encountered?
      • Which sectors are the best to invest into?
      • Assessing the M&A and investment opportunities in Latin America and outlook for market growth
      Inaki Miguel
      Inaki Miguel
      Editor , Mergermarket
      Victor Xercavins
      Victor Xercavins
      Partner , Cuatrecasas
    • 11:45

      Panel: M&A in Energy

      • Deal flow – what will be the trends in 2017?
      • Role of players in the market: Utilities/ Infrastructure funds/ Private Equity funds
      • Renewables: new remuneration scheme as a boost of M&A activity
      • Oil & Gas: challenges and drivers for future investments
      • Utilities: how will the “tariff déficit” impact future deal flow?
      • Cross-border M&A opportunities: LATAM,US,EU
      Luis Pérez de Ayala
      Luis Pérez de Ayala
      Partner , Cuatrecasas
      Inigo Olaguibel
      Inigo Olaguibel
      CEO , Vela Energy
      Ricardo Arias
      Ricardo Arias
      Senior Vice President , Brookfield Asset Management
      Juan  Manuel Muñoz
      Juan Manuel Muñoz
      Director , Fortress
    • 12:30

      Networking Coffee Break

    • 13:00

      Panel: Real Estate industry

      • Spain’s recovering real estate industry
      • SOCIMI – Forecasting the impact of Spain’s real estate market- what are its real merits
      • What is the current appetite for investment?
      • Financing real estate deals and alternatives available
      • Distressed opportunities – Until when?
      Rupert Cocke
      Rupert Cocke
      Spanish Bureau Chief , Mergermarket
      Fernando  Bernad
      Fernando Bernad
      Partner , Cuatrecasas
      Carmina  Ganyet
      Carmina Ganyet
      Corporate Managing Director , Inmobiliaria Colonial
      Juan Barba
      Juan Barba
      Partner and Managing Director - Real Estate , Meridia Capital
      Javier Arus
      Javier Arus
      Partner and head of the hotels , Azora Group
    • 13:45

      Panel: Private equity trends

      • Are international players looking to investment in Spanish market- will be see an increase and why?
      • What are the drivers of the deals in the PEQ market? Fundraising activity and consolidated companies outlook
      • How competitive is the landscape and what are the best ways to win deals
      • LP perspective’s
      • Forecasting trends in private equity
      Beatriz   Pavón
      Beatriz Pavón
      Divisional Director - Mergers & Acquisitions, Transactional Risks , Willis Towers Watson
      Ramón  Betolaza
      Ramón Betolaza
      Managing Partner , Blacktoro Capital
    • 14:30

      Networking Lunch

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