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ABC's of Fintech

A snapshot brief on what the intertwined future of financial services and technology, forming a new combination of the two: financial technology.

Over the past five years, technology has also taken a great leap forward. Cloud computing, big data analytics and web-based platforms have fundamentally shifted interactions with consumers. Cognitive technologies, high-speed processing and algorithmic trading have altered the market landscape. This has had a major impact on the financial services industry, to the point where financial technology has almost become its own industry.  Financial technology, fintech, represents the latest hotspot for M&A activity as a result of its youth. 

Despite this industry’s dynamism, external forces continue to influence M&A activity.  Three forces have been identified has having the greatest impact now and in the future.  The first is the increasingly stringent regulations on financial services.  Fintech’s continuous improvement and innovation will be a key factor in future mergers and acquisitions.  Finally, the recent Brexit vote, and its eventual aftermath, have muddied the waters on what to expect from political actors in the industry.  

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