Chinese Energy conglomerate’s activity in CEE

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At our recent CEE M&A and Corporate Financing Forum, we caught up with Marcela Hrda of CEFC Group.

When asked about the drivers that are pushing the CEFC Group to do deals in the CEE region, Marcela Hrda was forthcoming.  “Our company is interested in finding the synergy between the two markets.”  However, earlier in her response she mentioned that Europe was the last market targeted by her firm.  This was a result of their energy focus, and therefore many of their deals are focused in the Middle East.   However, with their second largest focus being finance, Europe was an easy next step.  The interviewer pressed further on how the CEE fits into the context of Europe as whole, and was met with the reasoning that they began their European ventures in CEE, and are headquartered in Prague.  Additionally, their deal rates with Russia and other CEE countries remain the highest out of all of the European markets.