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Interviews and Presentations from the CEE M&A and Corporate Financing Forum

With so many expert views arising from the CEE M&A and Corporate Financing Forum, we've put together a cross section of insights from the day's events.

Peter Mitka, Head of M&A, EPH

We caught up with Peter Mitka, Head of M&A at EPH, after taking part in the M&A Drivers panel at the 2018 forum. With Central and Eastern Europe presenting many opportunities, we asked him what trends in the energy he could see coming through in the market and how attractive the region is compared to others such as Western Europe for Chinese investors. 

Klaus Tutschek Group M&A, International Affairs and Regulation, Telekom Austria

With Austria sandwiched between the DACH and CEE regions, we sat down with Klaus Tutschek of Telekom Austria to see how they differentiate between the two and what regulatory differences have been noticed between EU and non-EU countries in the CEE region. Digital services were also hot on the agenda, with the recent spin off of a digital service company for customers featuring, due to the increasing digitalisation in the market. 

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