Keynote Presentation: The Current Landscape for Deal Making in CEE

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Artur Tomala of Goldman Sachs sat with Catherine Ford to discuss the M&A activity and the future transformations to be expected in the CEE region. He adds interesting perspective to the question of how is the current landscape for deal making and the outlook for future activities in CEE.

He discusses the supportive macro backdrop in the area with the presently strong economies. There is a lot of liquidity and financing opportunites, but there are still challenges with deploying a capital and labelling the assets and their implications. It is challenging to identify an obvious deal and Tomala states that corporates will see and experience  more a streamlining of opportunities. 

On the topic of transactions and successors, Tomala states that it is important to understand that it takes a lot of time to make people comfortable, and sometimes the decision will still be made to pass on to a successor due to close and personal connections that may be had with the corporate. Tomala believes Poland will remain as one of the largest contributors in the region, as seen with its interesting transaction history and projected progression in this sector.

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