CEE Deal Activity and Capital Investing

CEE Deal Activity and Capital Investing

Barbara Nowakowska of PSIK discusses the ongoing CEE Deal Activity and Capital Investing.

Chinese Acquirers and their Deal Tactics

Qin Li explains the rising interest in China from investors and  why China has generated so much buzz. Also, Li discusses how new restrictions on M&A activity will have an impact in the future. 

Poland and the CEE - Discussion with Ron Given

Ron Given reveals some of his biggest takeaways regarding the CEE and its investment sectors. The discussion includes an analysis of Poland's investment growth and predictions about additional transitions and growing markets.

Keynote Presentation: The Current Landscape for Deal Making in CEE

Artur Tomala of Goldman Sachs sat with Catherine Ford to discuss the M&A activity and the future transformations to be expected in the CEE region. He adds interesting perspective to the question of how is the current landscape for deal making and the outlook for future activities in CEE.

Deal Origination in the TMT Sector

M&A plans of active companies and funds in the TMt sector - what are the challenges and opportunities in the CEE region?

Dealmakers outlook panel: International expansion and the future of M&A

Uncover the outlook for deal activity in the CEE region from the 2016 CEE M&A and Private Equity Forum, with the dealmakers panel highlighting the level of increased interest from European and Asian investors and the main risks associated with doing deals in one of the fastest growing areas of Europe. 

Fundraising strategies in CEE

What type of investors, local and international, are showing growing interest in the region? What are the most effective fundraising strategies used by fund managers? How the local capital landscape has changed? Opportunities to raise capital from local sources as oppose to local CEE sources

Private equity leader’s debate

Can valuable deals be sourced and will successful deal sourcing come from CEE SMEs? Why are international investors interested in CEE? Hot sectors – Where are the opportunities and expert trend forecasting? Cross-border buy and build cases

Exits routes in a volatile market environment

Examine the exit pipeline How Private Equity funds are planning to exit their investments in a volatile market? Dual track process Challenges faced How to prepare effectively and what expectations should investors have? Non local buyers, SBO’s or corporates

Economic Fortunes in Ukraine

The key sectors of Ukraine's economy for cross-border and domestic investments and M&A. Financing of Ukrainian transaction: what are the challenges for businesses and banks? What are the opportunities and experience of new regime for transactions with state enterprises? Privatization in Ukraine 2016/2017: What are the opportunities for investors?