Deal Drivers in Healthcare and Life Sciences: Mainland China

Mergers & acquisitions and IPOs in H1 2020 and beyond

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  • Not only the cause for the most profound economic crisis since the Global Financial Crisis, but COVID-19 was also a wake-up call to better prepare for global pandemics and public health emergencies. After several years’ growth in the greater China region, Healthcare and life science sector are firm back under the spotlight, as being one of the most resilient industries in investment and M&A.

    Unlike the M&A slump in major traditional sectors, biotech in China and Hong Kong enjoyed a 78% year-on-year growth in M&A deal value in 1H 2020, as well as being the most robust subsector to recover in 2Q. The biotech listing boom in HKEX remains and was further fueled by dual-listing candidates from NYSE or Shanghai’s STAR board. Pharma, Medical and Biotech together recorded 67 deals worth USD 6.9bn in 1H.

    There are mixed views on whether the biotech trend will continue, or investors will take a more conservative approach and manage their expectation in profit return in a post-COVID world. While valuation could be at the center of the discussion as now is the time for dealmakers to rebuild deal pipelines and to restart negotiation.

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    In this live session, we take stock of M&A activity in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector in Mainland China, including:

    • Overview of M&A H1 activity and insights in Healthcare
    • Future investment hotspots in the next 6-12 months? Where is PE/VC focus right now?
    • How should deal makers take advantage of (any) regulatory changes to grasp next deal opportunities?
    • How are M&A transactions being transformed post-COVID-19 and in the time of social distancing?

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