M&A Deal Drivers: Japan 2021

M&A growth opportunities in Q4 2020 and beyond

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  • Japan dealmaking is seeing a surge in activity, spurred by a rebound in domestic M&A and an uptick in crossborder deals. Domestic transactions announced in 3Q20 totaled USD 54.11bn across 83 deals, compared with USD 7.86bn across 71 deals in 2Q20. 

    Industry consolidation moves appear to have quickened pace and is expected across certain sectors while large companies are also accelerating the pace of non-core divestitures to focus on core businesses. Meanwhile, outbound deals generated USD 15.31bn across 27 deals for 3Q20, representing a 3.42x surge in deal value despite 21 fewer deals compared with 2Q20 (USD 4.47bn, 48 deals).

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    In this live panel, we take stock of M&A activity in one of APAC’s major economies and consider the areas that dealmakers should be focusing on, including:

    • Overview of Japan’s M&A Q3 activity and insight
    • Japan Inc is seen ramping up cross-border deal activity – are they better placed now than before to be more competitive in auction processes? How can Japanese corporates successfully navigate such processes via virtual discussions and limited DD, and what are the hurdles?
    • Is domestic industry consolidation finally surfacing in certain sectors, hastened by the effects of COVID-19? How are dealmakers positioning themselves to prepare, and is private equity expected to continue playing an important role in this consolidation? 
    • A few years ago, the prospect of hostile bids was relatively unheard of in Japan but now is becoming more common. Corporates, private equity, and activists are converging – how can dealmakers successfully navigate through these situations?
    • The market expects to see more stressed/distressed companies up come for sale towards the end of this year to 1Q21 as banks tighten lending. Restructuring businesses, including the sale of domestic and overseas assets, is expected as companies look to lighten their balance sheets. What sort of opportunities, and in what industries, should dealmakers focus on? 
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