Deal Drivers: Japan

A spotlight on mergers and acquisitions in Japan Q1 2020 and beyond

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  • Early this year, Japan appeared set to chart a course for another prosperous year of M&A activity following a record Q4 2019 that saw USD 40.9bn in announced deals. However, with the novel coronavirus outbreak putting a freeze on outbound transactions and domestic deals under increased scrutiny, earlier banner year predictions have been replaced with uncertainty. How Japan Inc fares through the crisis and beyond has yet to be seen, but corporates are sitting on large cash piles that may enable them to weather the storm and be better placed to pursue new M&A opportunities once the worst of the pandemic has passed. Japanese companies are also expected to continue with their restructuring and consolidation plans during this time.

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    In this live panel, we take stock of M&A activity in one of APAC’s major economies and consider the areas where financial stress is of greatest concern, including:

    • Overview of Japan’s M&A Q1 activity and insights
    • Which sectors of the M&A landscape will present most opportunities in Q2 and beyond? What should M&A professionals be focusing on to get ahead? 
    • How will M&A transactions be transformed in an era of teleworking and social distancing?

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