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10 April 2019

Jumeirah Emirates Towers
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  • 09:00


  • 09:30

    Chair's welcoming remarks

  • 09:35

    Keynote Address: Tech disruption in the Middle East

  • 09:55

    Keynote presentation: EY

  • 10:15

    Panel: Middle East M&A Landscape

    This scene setting panel will discuss the drivers for M&A from inbound investors and domestic activity.

    • What macro themes are driving activity in which sectors? 
    • Which regions are attracting investment from both foreign and local investors? 
    • How are geopolitical tensions in Saudi affecting deal activity in the region?
    • How are oil prices affecting activity in the region? 
    • How are smart city insights driving activity for public and private services?
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  • 11:20

    Networking coffee

  • 11:50

    Panel: Cyber security in M&A

    In 2017, the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy was launched to strengthen Dubai’s position as leader in the field. According to a recent report, 78% of dealmakers were concerned that cybersecurity is not analysed in great enough depth during the M&A due diligence process. 

    • What are the growing cyber risks in the region?
    • What due diligence tools are available to dealmakers to ensure the best outcome?
    • How has the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy affected due diligence procedures in the region?
  • 12:25

    Panel: Private equity

    In 2017, the level of new money raised by private equity and venture capital funds in the region dropped by 41%. Investor sentiment has declined due to the economic climate and regional geopolitical factors affecting perceptions. However, venture capital deals (with smaller ticket values) have increased. 

    • How can GPs navigate a challenging environment to raise funds?
    • How can GPs optimise co-investments and alternative fundraising mechanisms?
    • How has the Abraaj liquidation affected LPs sentiment towards the region? Are LPs willing to look towards higher risk profiles for higher returns?
    • How are VCs getting ahead and what sort of assets are they looking towards? 
    Chandra  Tiwari
    Chandra Tiwari
    Principal, Aramis Partners
    Aditya Shah
    Aditya Shah
    Assistant Director, IL&FS
    Gamal Abouali
    Gamal Abouali
    Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
  • 13:00

    Panel: MENA banking landscape - deal financing

    • What financing opportunities are available in the region? Loans, bonds, equity/quasi-equity?
    • Which sectors are struggling to get financing and why?
    • 2017 saw MENA reviving and finalising plans for long-awaited projects, how are the projects being financed? 
    • Which greenfield project finance deals are in the pipeline?
  • 13:35

    Networking lunch

  • 14:35

    Case Study: How to work with family businesses

    Family business contribute to 80% of the Middle Eastern economies’ workforce and while these continue to be active and successful, the macropolitical environment presents challenges. 

    • Which sectors are investors looking towards when working with family businesses?
    • How can investors manage family dynamics through communication and transparency?
    • How can family businesses source financing for growth?
  • 15:10

    Fireside Chat: Healthcare and insurance innovation

    Investments to upgrade hospitals and clinics, build new facilities and enforce insurance schemes have all come to the top of the government’s agenda. Stakeholders are looking for innovative and cost-effect ways to deliver care. 

    • Affordable healthcare is top of the governments agenda, but with healthcare providers struggling to be profitable, how is consolidation driving activity in the sector?
    • Insurance providers are offering cheap insurance for essential care, but how can they manage this on an on-going basis as the costs of healthcare and administration are rising? How will this drive consolidation amongst insurers?
    • Technological transformation is also encouraging activity in the sector, how are telehealth and insure-tech developing? 
  • 15:45

    Fireside Chat: Consumer spending

    Consumer confidence has dipped in the region of late as macropolitical tensions come to the forefront. A more health conscious government is also driving corporates to legislate in the food and beverage sector. eCommerce and tech are also disrupting traditional brick-and-mortar shopping malls.

    • What are the implications of the acquisition of Souk by Amazon? How are local players such as Noon competing? Will Uber acquire Careem?
    • How are corporates aligning themselves with a more health conscious population?
    • How will the restaurant sector react to players such as Deliveroo and UberEats? Will this drive consolidation?
  • 16:20

    Chair's closing remarks and networking

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