Understand the strategic M&A drivers in 2018

Plaza Athenee
17 May 2018
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  • 08:30

    Registration and coffee

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    Keynote: Outlook for Start-ups in France

    Are French VCs dynamic compared to the rest of the world? Is that easier now for French start-ups and SMEs to raise funds? Did French SMEs who completed successful Series A &B reach eventually a sufficient size to compete abroad? Are we really creating a French "mittelstand? Are French companies carrying out enough M&A to expand abroad?

  • 09:45

    Panel: M&A Growth Drivers and FDI in France and beyond…

    This session will give an overview of the French M&A landscape within a global context and examine what is driving deal flow. M&A operations are expected to increase by 40% in France in 2018. With the outlook positive, what are the key challenges corporates face when expanding internationally? France is less business averse but some key strategic companies are being seen more and more as targets for large US and Chinese investors.

    Marie-Joelle Lanista
    Marie-Joelle Lanista
    M&A and Finance Senior Legal Counsel, TOTAL
    Myriam Balezou
    Myriam Balezou
    Senior Reporter, Dealreporter
  • 10:30

    Networking coffee

  • 11:00

    Fireside chat: Fundraising

    On-stage interview with Greg Revenu, Co-founder at Bryan, Garneier & Co discussing the market dynamics for large scale fundraising and process for a successful IPO. What are the differences and similarities between US and Europe?

  • 11:20

    Panel: Private Equity and Digitalisation

    This session will explore how corporates and private equity management teams create value across different investment strategies. Increasingly, digitalisation is becoming a key factor in due diligence and valuation of companies by PE firms. How do private equity funds stand to profit from technological change in their portfolio companies?

    Michel Paris
    Michel Paris
    CEO, PAI Partners
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    Networking Lunch

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