Creating Value in Businesses as a Private Equity Fund

We interviewed Guido May from Silverfleet Capital Partners at our Mergermarket Germany Forum


In order to create value amongst its portfolio companies, private equity funds have a variety of methods they can implement.  At Silverfleet Capital Partners, they focus on developing a clear strategic plan for their companies and a timeline of actions to reach the goal or finish the plan.   They also aim to bring in extra skills from outside the company to compliment the management team, and foster increased growth and development.

The other topic of choice was how private equity firms go about buy-and-build projects.  For Silverfleet Capital Partners, it is seen as an opportunity to create value, fine tune the business model, and to create an “equity story” for the next buyer.  Buy-and-build represents an effective way for private equity firms to tailor their portfolio companies by having a hand in their growth.

Published: 4 April