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Mergermarket Energy Forum 2016


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    • 08:30

      Registration and coffee

    • 09:00


      Chad  Watt
      Chad Watt
      Energy Sector Head – North America, Mergermarket & Dealreporter (moderator)
    • 09:15

      Keynote address

      John  England
      John England
      Vice Chairman, US Energy & Resources Leader, Deloitte LLP
    • 09:45

      Panel discussion: North American oil and gas at a glance

      Panelists discuss the state of play for North American oil and gas in the coming year, as lower prices for longer and increasing industry consolidation dominate. 

      • Oil and gas M&A in the last 12 months – why did deals fall, and why did the ones that remained increase in size?
      • What impact will different commodity price scenarios have on deal activity? Will we see lower for longer?
      • Will public markets reward M&A in the near future?
      • Beyond price, what catalysts could spur oil and gas companies to engage in meaningful M&A?
      Chris  Christopher
      Chris Christopher
      Partner, Torys LLP
      Ken Mariani
      Ken Mariani
      President, EnerVest Ltd.
      Christopher Paulsen
      Christopher Paulsen
      Vice President, Business Development, Pioneer Natural Resources
      Jack M.  Tracy II
      Jack M. Tracy II
      Senior Legal Analyst - North America, Debtwire
      Stephen M.  Trauber
      Stephen M. Trauber
      Vice Chairman & Global Head of Energy, Citi
      John  Vanderhider
      John Vanderhider
      Partner, Opportune LLP (moderator)
    • 11:00

      Coffee break

    • 11:15

      Panel discussion: Private equity’s future in oil and gas

      With many oil and gas firms going through a period of distress, PE firms have been zoning in on the sector in order to pick up cheap assets. But is this wise? Experts discuss the implications for PE in oil and gas through 2016 and beyond.

      • Why are PE firms queuing up for oil and gas assets?
      • Is the rise in oil and gas-focused PE funds sustainable, or a short-term play?
      • How are these deals being structured and what are is different about them?
      • The bid-ask spread in oil and gas M&A – how can this gap be closed?
      •  What effect is a slow IPO market having on PE exit strategies in oil and gas?
      Soma  Biswas
      Soma Biswas
      Senior Reporter and Private Equity Head, Debtwire
      Will  Franklin
      Will Franklin
      Managing Director, Lime Rock Partners
      Ryan J.  Maierson
      Ryan J. Maierson
      Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
      Christopher  Ortega
      Christopher Ortega
      Partner, TPG Capital
      J.W.  Sikora
      J.W. Sikora
      Principal, The Carlyle Group
      Melinda  Yee
      Melinda Yee
      Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP (moderator)
    • 12:30


    • 13:30

      Afternoon Keynote

      Sean T.  Wheeler
      Sean T. Wheeler
      Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
    • 02:00

      Panel discussion: Disruption’s final frontier- technology and efficiency in oil and gas

      Oil and gas companies have been historically averse to technological advances – however, as the lower for longer environment hits bottom lines, conditions may force them to innovate to survive. Industry experts discuss how the rise of tech can change and save one of the most industrial of sectors. 

      • Which areas of oil and gas will benefit most from technology? 
      • How can new disruptive technologies make upstream producers leaner and more efficient? 
      • What opportunities are out there for PE and VC in this space? 
      • How do new entrants change the competitive landscape in energy services? 
      • Big data and oil and gas – a match made in heaven?
      David B. Andrews
      David B. Andrews
      Senior Managing Director, Evercore
      Edward T.  Bialas
      Edward T. Bialas
      Director, First Reserve
      Steven   McDowell
      Steven McDowell
      Global Director of Acquisitions & Divestitures, Weatherford International
      Rodney    Reed
      Rodney Reed
      Vice President Corporate Development, National Oilwell Varco
      Nicholas Renter
      Nicholas Renter
      Regional Director – Texas, Merrill DataSite
      Chad  Watt
      Chad Watt
      Energy Sector Head – North America, Mergermarket & Dealreporter (moderator)
    • 03:00

      Coffee break

    • 03:15

      Panel discussion: Midstream M&A

      The midstream has dominated oil and gas M&A over the last few years, as MLPs have scooped up assets. But what is the future of deal-making in transporting energy, and what future do MLPs have? Join our panelists as they discuss what is driving M&A in the midstream. 

      • What have been the key trends in midstream M&A over the last year? 
      • What is the new normal for midstream dealmaking? And what should it be? 
      • Have we seen the end of the reign of MLPs and yield-focused enterprises in energy infrastructure? 
      • Where are the most compelling opportunities in midstream infrastructure asset investment?
      Scott  Archer
      Scott Archer
      SVP and CFO, Howard Energy Partners
      Brett  Braden
      Brett Braden
      Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
      Michael  Jamieson
      Michael Jamieson
      Managing Director, Co-Head of North America Energy Investment Banking, Citi
      Sam  Pitts
      Sam Pitts
      Managing Director, Encap Flatrock Midstream LP
      Mark  Druskoff
      Mark Druskoff
      Deputy Editor, Natural Resources - North America , Mergermarket (moderator)
    • 04:15

      Cocktail reception

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