Mexico M&A and Private Equity Forum

Mexico M&A and Private Equity Forum

The St. Regis Hotel
Mexico City, Mexico
October 24, 2018
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    • Welcome to the Annual Mexico Forum

      Mexico is bursting with commercial activity. In recent years Mexico has transformed into a manufacturing powerhouse, with factories rolling out everything from cars and appliances to computers and medical equipment for export. In July, oil exports grew 34.2% to USD 2.604bn while crude oil prices in turn were up to USD 66.26 per barrel, which is USD 1.66m more than in July 2017. All of this bodes well for M&A investors and private equity firms who are targeting the consumer, energy, power, industrial and telecom sectors.

      True, the fate of a rewritten NAFTA won't be known until a newly elected US Congress comes to session in January, creates more short-term uncertainty for investors. However, Mexico’s participation in the Pacific Alliance and 10 other free-trade agreements involving 46 countries ensures Mexican products and services will find eager buyers and that foreign investment in its domestic companies will continue unabated.

      Please join the Mergermarket team and esteemed panelists in discussions of Mexico's M&A and private equity investment opportunities and trends.

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      Registration and Breakfast

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      Presentation: In an Age of M&A Complexity, Do You Pause or Proceed?

    • 08:45

      Post-Election Mexico: What's at Stake?

      Leaving behind campaign rhetoric after his decisive July 1 election victory, President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has struck a more conciliatory tone with the US administration over trade and NAFTA while refraining from tirades against the 2013 energy and power reforms. These developments have certainly delighted anxious investors, but election drama has not yet ended. Once the US midterm elections conclude in November, many are expecting the balance of power in Congress to change, prompting questions of whether legislators will try to influence NAFTA renegotiations, tariffs and overall diplomatic tone. How will this affect M&A and buyout activity?

      Panelists will discuss and debate how the new Mexican presidential administration's policy proposals and rebalancing of power within the US Congress will change M&A activity, private equity investment, industrial output and overall economic well-being.

      • What will be some M&A opportunities following NAFTA renegotiations? What sectors in particular?
      • What kind of changes/additions to various commercial regulations can the market expect over the next several years?
      • How will the new administration affect the M&A and private equity landscape?
      • How will the new balance of power in the US Congress affect commercial ties between the US and Mexico?
      • How will economic forecasts and market outlooks change once the new administration takes office in December?
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      Coffee Networking Break

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      Mexico Opens Door Farther to Foreign Investment

      The 2013 reforms to Mexico's telecom, energy and power sectors swung the door wide open to foreign investment in sectors where it previously was either prohibited or very limited. Regardless of recent elections or rising protectionism, Mexico remains committed to being a player on the world's stage. According to a 2018 Mergermarket survey, results revealed that Mexico remains a popular destination for foreign investment as 61% of global investors said they plan to target the country for acquisitions in the next year while ranking Mexico as the second-best business environment in Latin America after Chile.

      Delegates will have an opportunity to hear panelists discuss and debate what sectors will see the greatest amount of M&A and private equity activity in the years ahead.

      • Do market players see M&A opportunities in the oil and gas transportation sector, including fuel distribution storage terminals, pipelines, ports, and specialized fuel-truck companies?
      • What are the main challenges faced by investors and targets in recent M&A transactions? 
      • What is the status of the new NAFTA pact with each country’s respective legislative body and what are the implications for Mexican M&A and trade? How will a new NAFTA charter impact foreign investment in Mexico?
      • Will the consumer and industrial sectors continue to be consistent M&A performers? What new opportunities lie with each?
      • How can Mexican partners assist foreign investors with barriers to closing deals, such as obtaining information during due diligence, closing the valuation gap with family-owned businesses, etc.?
      • Assessment of Mexico's capital formation: growth of private credit funds; new upcoming stock exchange (BIVA); utilization of Fibra-E; and PE and VC use of Certificados Bursatiles Fiduciarios de Proyectos de Invesion, CERPIs?
      • How does Mexico's membership in many trade blocs set itself apart from Latin American peers? What are the advantages and opportunities? 
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      Conclusion of Event

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