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Nordic leveraged finance takes an international flavour

Simon Moeller of Debtwire leads a discussion on how regional financial sponsors evaluate the financing options available, from either traditional or alternative sources. 


Below is a snapshot of the panel discussion. Other topics discussed include; trends, terms, distributed deals and club deals.

Simon Moeller: To kick off the panel, lets give a very brief overview of the Scandinavian lending market. In general it has been a local bankers market. Are banks still the preferred option? 

Christof Ratjen: It depends. As far as mid-market deals go with a simple credit history, the answer would be yes. Where we have seen opportunities for international commercial banks and direct lenders in this market is when the credit history is not so simple or speed is needed. 

Jari Lindholm: We see that Nordic banks are very good at what they do and many of them can do the financing with speed. It is more a case of who the customer is and the type of sector.

SM: Erik, as a local bank, how do you make sure you're still the preferred lender? 

Erik Odhnoff: What we've seen with increased competition from alternative lenders is a change in terms from us. We try to adapt from traditional structures to offer something similar to other parties. 

SM: Carl, what opportunities are there for alternative lenders in the Scandinavian market?

Carl Helander: As the Nordic sponsors become more and more comfortable working with private lenders we see more interest. We can offer €250m holds and underwrite €350m and can deliver that in one solution, making us quite attractive. 

Watch the video to hear the full conversation. 

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Published: 6 April