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Advisory Perspective- Deal inhibitors and Demonstrating Expertise

At this year’s Nordic M&A and Private Equity Forum, we ran into Ulf-Henrik Kull from Avance and asked him some questions about the advisory side of M&A.


One key point of interest was key inhibitors of deals. Naturally, Ulf instantly zeroed in on the legal aspect. “In the more complex world we are now living in,” he begins, “it’s important to understand how relevant law actually is.” He continues on to discuss how the law applies theoretically, but also in reality. That balance, he notes, is something that companies need to be considering when completing a transaction.

Secondly, we discussed how to demonstrate expertise from the advisory side. Ulf-Henrik's first response was by focusing on sectors. First by establishing sector experts within the advisory, and then by connecting with leaders in that sector.  Companies are often looking for advisors who specialise in their sector. He also noticed how long-term relationships between an advisory firm and a few large companies can led to success in the market. This is another way of demonstrating expertise.

Published: 30 March