• 08:45

    Registration and Breakfast

  • 09:25

    Welcome Address

  • 09:30

    Keynote Presentation: Spanish macro-economic outlook

    An overview of macroeconomic trends and developments in Spain and forecast for 2020 and beyond.

  • 10:00

    Panel: Spanish M&A updates and views in 2020

    Last year there have been 400 Spanish deals worth EUR 32.7bn. Despite the risks of a global downturn, there is still a strong pipeline and cautious optimism for M&A deal activity in Iberia for 2020. Panellists will share insights and trends for the current year and the best strategy to successfully execute M&A deals. 

    • What are the key sectors for Spanish acquirers?
    • What’s driving deal activity in Spain? Which key value drivers are dealmakers paying attention to?
    • What compliance issues should investors be aware of when structuring a deal?
  • 10:40

    Networking Coffee Break

  • 11:00

    Panel: Energy in the spotlight - renewables and more

    In 2019, Energy remained the most active sector for Iberia as a whole. Dealmakers are often comfortable buying and selling renewable energy companies in times of political gridlock, due to the lower risk of regulatory changes. Panellists will discuss opportunities and challenges when deal-making in the energy sector.

    • What is the role of funds and institutional investors in financing energy generation?
    • PPAs vs merchant – the lender perspective  
    • What are the challenges specific to Spain when securing funding for renewables projects? 
  • 11:40

    Panel: ESG: How will the sustainability agenda influence M&A?

    Sustainability is increasingly on the radar for Spanish boards and investors. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are driving a renewed focus on corporate impact. Private equity funds are also finding increased focus from LP investors to deliver profit with purpose.
    This session will consider how ESG factors are playing into investment opportunities. 

    • How are ESG factors being incorporated into due diligence processes?
    • What post-deal processes are in place to support sustainable practices?
    • What is the potential for greater regulatory scrutiny at national at European level? 
    • 10 years view - where will we be in 2030?
  • 12:20

    Networking Coffee Break

  • 12:40

    Panel: Mexico-Spain Investment corridor - Spain as preferred investment destination

    This session will discuss the deal drivers for M&A and PE activity in Mexico, and Spain as a mainstream investment destination for Mexican investors.

    • Which sectors are attracting investments from Mexico to Spain?
    • What are the incentives for Mexican investors looking at Europe?
    • What are the risks from the perspective of a foreign investor?
  • 13:20

    Panel: Differentiation strategies for private equity

    Allocation to private markets is accelerating globally with private equity, direct lending and real asset strategies all becoming an established part of many sophisticated investment strategies. As capital flows increase, we examine the evolution of private asset classes and how funds are positioning themselves to stand out from the crowd. This session will discuss where the asset class is headed, the fundraising environment and the increased importance of differentiation strategies.

    • Which are the main drivers followed by the funds to differentiate in the Spanish market? Which are the main obstacles?
    • Is the economic and political environment across the region creating attractive niches for differentiation strategies? 
    • Multi-active strategies to diversify per product and sectorial specialization. Are alternative investment strategies an option? What types of alternative strategies are being implemented?
    • Are alternative investment strategies an option? What factors should be considered when implementing any such strategies in the Spanish market?

  • 14:00

    Closing remarks and lunch by Paco Roncero