• 08:30

    Registration and coffee

  • 09:00

    Chair's welcome remarks

  • 09:10

    Keynote: The Swiss business landscape and its implications for M&A

    In this keynote a leading corporate will provide an update to the Swiss business landscape and its effect on M&A.

  • 09:40

    Deal leaders' debate

    In this panel, deal leaders will discuss key trends in the Swiss M&A and private equity landscape and expectations for the next 12 months.

  • 10:20

    Panel: Growth strategies and value drivers for M&A

    This panel will explore the M&A landscape in Switzerland during 2019 so far and expectations for the next 12 months. How can corporates ensure positive returns with increased competition leading to high valuations? 

    • Is the positive M&A cycle coming to an end? Is the Swiss market feeling the effects of ‘slowbalisation’?
    • Which international buyers are still present in the market? What is the appetite of German buyers?
    • How are Asian investments on the ‘silk road’ driving valuations of targets?
  • 11:00

    Networking break

  • 11:30

    GP and LP Interview: Swiss private equity in focus

    Panellists will provide an update on the Swiss private equity market. Where are GPs finding allocations in a highly competitive market?

    • Do specialist funds face an advantage in a highly competitive market?
    • How are funds securing financing in a highly leveraged market?
    • How are secondaries evolving in the Swiss market?
  • 12:00

    Panel: Swiss ECM update

    Switzerland has seen a buoyant IPO pipeline in 2019 so far, will this continue into 2020? This panel will review the past 12 months and expectations for the next in Swiss IPO activity.

    • Overview of the last 12 months in Swiss IPO activity. Which IPOs have been successful, and which have been disappointing?
    • How can family businesses pursue succession planning through IPOs?
    • How are corporates using listing as a strategy to spin-off non-core assets?
  • 12:40

    Case study: A day in the life

    In this case study, a high-profile CEO or Head of M&A will discuss their growth strategy through M&A and organic growth.

  • 13:10

    Networking lunch

  • Breakout sessions

    • 14:10

      Roundtable: Changing values at work

      With the likes of Google and other tech titans setting up new offices in Switzerland, how are changing values amongst consumers and workforce alike disrupting traditional corporates?

      • How can firms consider culture to avoid flight risk from talent and ensure smooth integrations?
      • How are new technologies affecting work forces at corporate and advisory firms such as allowing for flexible and remote working?
      • How can firms use technology and platforms to transform the effectiveness of processes in M&A?
    • 14:10

      Breakout workshop: Due diligence disruption

      Opportunity for a VDR or insurance company to host a workshop to discuss updates to due diligence procedures and how new technologies are disrupting processes for dealmakers.

  • 14:40

    Panel: Activism in Switzerland

    In this panel, activist funds, corporates and advisors will discuss the trend of activism in Switzerland and their strategies to achieve key board changes in listed companies.

  • 15:20

    Case study: Lessons learnt

    In this case study, a head of M&A will discuss common failures that happen during the M&A process, lessons learnt and how to avoid mistakes.

  • 15:50

    On-stage interview: Financing opportunities

    In this on-stage interview, a private debt fund manager and a public lender will discuss the finance solutions available to European mid-market businesses as well as the benefits for GPs in having a diverse portfolio of asset classes.

  • 16:20

    Chair’s closing remarks and networking drinks