M&A Deal Drivers Panel

Carve-out and listing interview

The final panel of the 2017 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum focused on the process and learnings of a recent carve-out and listing on SIX Swiss Exchange.

M&A Insurance- Claims and examples Panel

Panellists discussed how and when insurance can be used to mitigate commercial risks arising from M&A transactions and the experiences of claims handling process. 

Private Equity Players in Switzerland Panel

New private equity players entering the Swiss market has presented new opportunities for growth. In this panel, our guest speakers looked at the sectors which present an attractive investment for institutional investors and how Switzerland fits in the wider European private equity market. 

M&A Deal Drivers Panel

The M&A Deal Drivers panel at the 2017 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum explored what will be driving deal-making in the coming year and what the expectations for Swiss M&A could be. 

Keynote presentation with Felix Brill

As our keynote at the 2017 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum, we were joined by Felix Brill, CEO at Wellershoff & Partners Ltd, who highlighted the macro-economic analysis of Switzerland within a global context and the potential implications for the corporate and private equity community.

Interview With Ralf Herrmann

We asked Ralf Herrmann, Partner at Alantra, whether 2018 would be a good year for private equity exits in the Swiss market and if there could be more exits than buyouts. 

Interview with Cas Sydorowitz

Cas Sydorowitz joined us in Switzerland this year for a chat on how activist investors make money and how it affects the way issuers deal with activists. 

Attractive M&A Targets - what do buyers look for?

We were joined by Philip Whitchelo, Vice President of Strategy & Product Marketing at Intralinks, at the 2016 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum for his presentation on attractive M&A targets in conjunction with the Cass Business School. This presentation highlighted 23 year study of 34,000 firms and 14,000 deals. 

On-stage Q&A- Value creation in a due diligence process

 How have firms managed maximized value in M&A due diligence processes? We looked at this question and many more as part of the on-stage Q&A at the 2016 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum. 

Selecting the deals which have potential for the biggest returns

We looked at how to select deals which have the potential for the biggest returns whilst at the 2016 Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum.